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FREE BOOKS at the LDS Book Exchange!
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If you are like most people, you have extra books lying around your house. How would you like to trade those books in for new books to read at virtually no cost? Our Book Exchange service will give you that ability!

The idea is simple. You add books to your inventory that you no longer need. Once books are added to your inventory, they are visible to other users and can be requested. When another user requests one of your books, you mail it to them, and in return receive a credit on your account that will allow you to request a book from someone else. It's just that easy! The book exchange can give you the ability to read a new LDS book every week or month without having to wait for the library to have one in stock or purchashing a new one from the bookstore.

If you have not yet registered, go here to register for an account. Next you should read over our Rules and Procedures page to gain an understanding of how the site works. You will also want to tell your friends about the site so our selection of books continues to grow. Happy trading!